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Mail Services

DLS Creative is here to the guesswork out of choosing cost and time-efficient methods for traditional marketing. With the partnership of our knowledgeable Delaware USPS representative, we educate our clients and provide mail solutions that maximize marketing costs which in turn creates a higher return on investment.

Not only do we provide our clients with start-to-finish mail services, which include personalized consultations and graphic design services, but we also offer various ways to reach both current and potential clients. These methods include:

  • Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®)
  • Direct Targeted Mail with Variable Data (optional)
  • Bulk Non-Profit Mail
  • Bulk First Class Mail
  • Targeted List Purchasing Services

Every Door Direct Mail®

Strategically choose targeted zip codes and neighborhoods of your choice to pinpoint ideal customers and announce latest businesses promotions. By choosing the best zip codes based on geographic location, demographics and client background information, we can increase your exposure in new targeted areas. EDDM is cost effective and will maximize a  return on investment with minimal postage and timely delivery.

Bulk First Class Mail

Bulk First Class mail is for organizations wishing to send a large volume mailer in a timely manner all while obtaining postage discounts on first class postage. This method of mailing typically hits mailboxes within 3-5 business days – between the postage discount and the delivery time, campaigns are a huge success!

Direct Targeted Mail

For our clients seeking a more personal approach, this method is perfect. Search addresses as broad or as narrow based on specific background demographics. We can then personalize each piece of mail with the names acquired resulting in a true attention grabbing piece.

Targeted List Purchasing

Targeted mail list purchasing is perfect for sending a strategic mailer to specific addresses, households or businesses based on your detailed marketing campaign. Our team helps purchase a targeted mail list with qualified mailing addresses all with a 95% address accuracy. By using SIC codes, specific business information, or detailed demographic background, targeted list purchasing is the perfect way to grow sales or client base with specific intention.

  • List Includes: Full Name + Physical Mailing Address
  • List Format: Excel / PDF file via email
  • List Accuracy: 95+% Accuracy Guarantee

Bulk Non-Profit Mail

Here at DLS Creative we have the necessary postage permits to obtain optimal and greatly discounted postage to send bulk non-profit mail. This mail method is ideal for qualified non-profits that wish to send large volume mailers in the most cost effective way. Our team collects all information necessary to make sure the greatest postage discount is applied! 7-14 days for out of state and 5 business days for in state is the average time frame in which the mail pieces will land in mailboxes. We understand the importance of keeping within budget all while executing the final product in a timely manner!

Design for Mail

The graphic design team at DLS Creative walks our clients through the creative journey with careful consideration to their mailing needs. Many of our clients come to us with simply an idea in mind and truthfully, that is enough for us! Our designers offer stress free solutions for our clients who need assistance with marketing mail design because designing for postal regulations is very different from a typical marketing campaign. No need to worry when you have DLS Creative on your side.


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