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What is the difference between gloss, matte, and silk?
Gloss paper has a coating on both sides that gives it a slightly shiny look. It holds color well, so it's great for photos and pieces with dark backgrounds. However, it can't be written on. Matte paper has no coating, and colors will appear more muted. Standard printer paper has a matte finish. Silk paper is a middle-ground between gloss and matte. It has a slightly shiny coating, but it can still be written on.

What is the difference between text stocks and cover stocks?
Text stocks are thin and most commonly used for flyers, booklets, and standard office printing. Cover stocks are much thicker and most commonly used for business cards, postcards, rack cards, etc. Text stocks and cover stocks are measured on a different scale, so even though a text stock may have a higher weight than a cover stock, the cover stock will always be thicker (e.g. 60# Cover is thicker than 100# Text).

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