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I'm planning a

Please describe the pieces you plan to include in your mailing (size, single or double sided, black & white or color, if and how they’ll be folded, etc.)

Will your mailing be name matched?

Name matching refers to including personalized information on the inner pieces of a mailing. (E.g. A two-piece mailing that has “Jane Smith, 111 Main Street, Wilmington, DE 19801” printed on the envelope and “Dear Jane Smith” printed on the letter.)

Will you need design services for any of the pieces of your mailing?

Please describe the pieces you need designed.

Mailing List

Do you have a list of addresses your mailing will be sent to?

How many addresses will your mailing be sent to?

Do you have your mailing list in an Excel or CSV format?

Approximately how many addresses would you like your mailing sent to?

What types of demographics would you like your mailing sent to? (Zip code, income level, occupation, number of children, etc.)

Would you prefer your mailing to be sent as first class mail or bulk mail?

First class mailings are mailed directly from the post office and reach their destination much faster than bulk mail. However, first class postage is more expensive than bulk postage. If your mailing has 500 or more pieces (200 for non-profits), you’re able to send your mailing as bulk mail. This takes longer than sending it first class, but postage is significantly cheaper.

Does your company have a permit account established with the post office?

Permit Number

Mailer ID Number

CRID Number

Non-Profit Authorization Number (If Applicable)

Requested In-Mail Date


This is the date you would like your mailing to be dropped off at the post office. First class mail typically reaches mailboxes two to five days after being dropped off, while bulk mail can take as long as two weeks.

Client Information



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If you already have some or all of your mailing pieces designed, upload them here to help us generate the most accurate quote possible.

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